Bơm định lượng màng điện từ Concept Plus

Solenoid metering pump Concept Plus

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ProMinent Solenoid metering pump Concept Plus

The product range Solenoid metering pump Concept Plus covers the performance range from 1.0 l/h-10 bar to 21.9 l/h-1.5 bar. With its compact structure it is equally suitable for both conventional installation on a bracket or chemical tank and installation in machines such as slide grinding systems, car wash systems and dishwashers.

The metered quantity can be steplessly adjusted by means of the stroke length over a range of 10 % – 100 % and in four levels by means of the stroke rate. This results in an adjustment range of 1:40. As well as manual stroke rate adjustment the pump can be controlled by potential-free contacts from a water meter or controller.

The Solenoid metering pump Concept Plus can also be activated and deactivated with a potential-free contact. The necessary retrofitting can be carried out at the customer‘s premises with a specially designed external control retrofit kit. This reduces storage costs without limiting flexibility. A ‚level‘ retrofit kit is available for connecting a level switch. The dosing heads are available in the material combinations PPE 2, NPB 2 and PVT 2 with bleed valve to cover virtually all metering
tasks in water treatment. ProMinent Solenoid metering pump Concept Plus offers uncompromising quality and reliability at an extremely affordable price.

Solenoid metering pump Concept Plus data:

Item Pump type Models Phase Voltz
Max flow rate


Max pressure


Liquid end materials Accessories Origin
1 ProMinent Solenoid metering pump Concept Plus CNPB1601PPE200A010 1 220V 0,0105 1,1 16 PP N/A Germany
2 CNPB0704PPE200A010 1 220V 0,0105 3,9 7 PP Germany
3 CNPB0312PPE200A010 1 220V 0,0134 12 3 PP Germany
4 CNPB0223PPE200A010 1 220V 0,0134 21,9 1,5 PP Germany