Bơm định lượng ProMinent Plasma

ProMinent Chemical Metering Pumps Plasma

Danh mục:

Chemical Metering Pumps Plasma from ProMinent is motorised metering pumps are very effective diaphragm metering pumps. They are compact, energysaving, provide excellent precision and reflect the high standards of quality of ProMinent motorised metering pumps. ProMinent Plasma PSMa motorised metering pumps are available up to metering outputs of 120 l/h up to 400 l/h. There are six different maximum metering output levels available.

Bơm định lượng ProMinent PlasmaCorrect and Proper Use of ProMinent Chemical Metering Pumps Plasma

  • The pump may only be used to dose liquid feed chemicals.
  • The pump may only be used after it has been correctly installed and commissioned in accordance with the technical data and specifications contained in the operating instructions.
  • Any other uses or modifications are prohibited.
  • The pump is not intended to dose gaseous media or solids.
  • The pump is not intended for operation in EX zones.
  • The pumps is not intended to dose combustible fluids.
  • The pump should only be operated by trained and authorized personnel.

You are obliged to observe the information contained in the operating instructions at the different phases of the device’s service life.

Materials that come into contact with the feed chemical

  • PVC (P)
  • Poly Propylene (PP)
  • Stainless Steel (S)
  • Teflon (T)

Chemical Dosing Pumps Plasma Specification:

  • Temp: –10 °C up to +45 °C
  • Flow rate: 120 l/h up to 400 l/h
  • Power: 0.18 to 0.37 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz, 1440 rpm.
  • IP 55 in accordance with IEC 529, EN 60529, DIN VDE 0470
  • Max. temperature long-term at maximum operating pressure: 45°C
  • Minimum temperature: – 10°C

ProMinent Chemical Metering Pumps Plasma Data

Item Type Model (V) (kW) (l/h) (Bar) Materials
1 Dosing Pumps Plasma PMSA05200PCB00S000 3 Pha – 380V 0,18 200 5 PVC
2 PMSA05300PCB00S000 3 Pha – 380V 0,18 300 5 PVC
3 PMSA05400PCB00S000 3 Pha – 380V 0,18 400 5 PVC