Bơm định lượng ProMinent Vario D

ProMinent Dosing Pump Vario D

Danh mục:

ProMinent Dosing Pump Vario D, Vario-D Motor Driven Metering Pump

  • Capacity range of Vario D metering pumps: 17~120 l/h
  • Backpressure range: 12~3.5 bar
  • Drive mode: Motor-driven
  • Control type: manual, external control
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -10 °C to +40 °C
  • Power supply: 380V/400V, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 0.12kW, 0.09kW
  • Type of enclosure: IP55
  • Liquid end material of ProMinent Metering Pump Vario D:
    • PVT=PVDF/PTFE seal
    • SST=SS/PTFE seal
    • PP1=PP/EPDM seal
    • NP1=NP/FPM seal(Viton®)
    • TT1=PTFE with carbon/PTFE seal

The ProMinent Dosing Pump Vario D motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump is a new concept metering pump. This type pump has a good performance and competition thanks to its safety to environment, high dosing accuracy and flexible control modes. The special design for diaphragm delivery unit makes this type metering pumps particularly suitable for metering viscous media. The combination of the hermetically sealed design and a good anti-corrosion to chemicals allow the pump to be ideally matched to various metering duties involving virtually all types of chemicals.

High lights:

  • A choice of 3 liquid end sizes, 5 liquid end materials allow the pump to be ideally matched to the various metering duty.
  • ProMinent Dosing Pump Vario D: Continuous stroke length adjustment from 30-100%.
  • Motor-driven type is available with a standard version 3-phase motor, a single-phase motor or a 3-phase motor for the use in EXe and EXde areas.
  • Robust design against shock and chemical resistant plastic housing
  • Protection of the pump against overload with integrated relief valve.
  • Manual control or external control via contact signals or analogue signals.

ProMinent Dosing Pump Vario D data:

Items Type Models Phase Voltz
Max flow rate (l/h) Max pressure (Bar) Liquid end materials
1 ProMinent Dosing Pump Vario D, Vario-D Motor Driven Metering Pump VAMd12026PP1000S000 3 380V 0,09 26,2 10 PP
2 VAMd12042PP1000S000 3 380V 0,09 42 10 PP
3 VAMd07063PP1000S000 3 380V 0,09 63 6,5 PP
4 VAMd04120PP1000S000 3 380V 0,09 120 3,5 PP