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Chemical metering pump Delta ProMinent Germany Made

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Chemical metering pump Delta ProMinent Germany Made

Chemical metering pump Delta virtually an all-rounder and just the right solution for exacting requirements. A high-end product with a wide range of settings and control options. Capacity range 7.5 – 75 l/h, 25 – 2 bar.

A high-end diaphragm metering pump: The solenoid driven metering pump delta ® is the first of its kind to have a regulated solenoid drive. Virtually wear-free, extremely economical and with a self-bleeding dosing head design.

A range of different pump types and material combinations are available for virtually all metering applications. The optional 4-week process timer offers a variety of installation options. The pump achieves maximum precision even with fluctuating back pressure thanks to the regulated solenoid drive. This guarantees an exceptionally long service life even under maximum load. The integrated optoGuard® monitoring function reports hydraulic fault statuses, such as excess pressure or ruptured metering line. The large illuminated LC display guarantees good readability of all displayed values. The capacity is shown directly in l/h.

Chemical metering pump Delta ProMinent Germany Made

Chemical metering pump Delta Technical Data

Your benefits

  • Adjustment of the capacity directly in l/h
  • Adaptation to existing signal transducers by external control via potential-free contacts with pulse stepup
    and step-down
  • Chemical metering pump Delta has external control via 0/4 – 20 mA standard signal with adjustable assignment of signal value to stroke rate.
  • Organise work processes conveniently with the optional process timer. The alternative to timers or
  • Optional PROFIBUS® interface for connection to process control systems
  • Suitable for use with almost all liquid chemicals, thanks to the available material combinations PVDF,
    clear acrylic and stainless steel
  • Virtually wear-free solenoid drive: overload-proof and economical
  • Everything in sight and under control: illuminated LED display and 3-LED display for operating, warning
    and error messages
  • Reporting of hydraulic error statuses, blocked points of injection, ruptured metering lines and air and/or
    gas in the dosing head, which the integrated monitoring system optoGuard® detects
  • Automatic bleed function
  • Maximum dosing precision by compensation of pressure fluctuations
  • Also ideal for continuous micro-metering from around 6 ml/h

Technical details

  • External control via potential-free contacts with pulse step-up and step-down to adapt to existing signal
    transducers of 99:1 to 1:99
  • Batch operation with max. 65,536 strokes/start pulse
  • External control via 0/4 – 20 mA standard signal with adjustable assignment of signal value to stroke rate
  • Stroke rate adjustment in 1 stroke/hour steps of 0 to 12,000 strokes/h and/or 200 strokes/min
  • Stroke length continuously adjustable between 0 – 100% (recommended 30 – 100%)
  • Connector for 2-stage level switch
  • Dosing monitor input with adjustable number of tolerated defective strokes
  • Optional optical diaphragm rupture indicator detects droplets behind the diaphragms
  • Optional 4 – 20 mA output for remote transmission of stroke length and stroke rate
  • “Concentration input” option for volume-proportional metering
  • PROFIBUS® or CAN Open interface option
  • Control module option with connecting option for chlorine, pH, ORP sensors or flow meter DFMa
  • Wide-range electrical connection: 100 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Optional relay module, can also be easily and reliably retrofitted

Field of application

Chemical metering pump Delta can be used in all industries and integrated into automated processes. Maximum process reliability through the regulated solenoid drive and optoGuard® monitoring function. The pump can work as a control unit with the process timer, for example in cooling water treatment