tủ bảo vệ điều khiển 2 máy bơm nước tăng áp Zero V2ZPS

Booster water pump controller

Booster water pump controller

Universal pump controllers. Complete solutions for many needs

Plug-in Control Module: Very easy setting. Includes complete electronic control for the Smart Pump Controller.
Under/overload, ammeter, level/pressure control, alarms, pilot lights and LED display. Able to operate the pump in manual mode without the module.

Pump Check: Ideal for preventive maintenance, this wireless tool captures the pump status log from the control module, providing important information for after sales support and service.

12 months warranty according to Toscano warranty terms and conditions.

Technical data

  • Supply voltage: 230Vac I/III or 400Vac III (selectable) -20%…+30% – 50/60Hz
  • Control transformer: 230-400Vac / 24Vac, primary fuse: 0,2A (F1), secondary fuse: 0,8A (F2)
  • Pump current range: 1…12A (V2ZPS) / 5…16A (V2ZPS-E) / 5…22A (V2ZPS-F) – AC3
  • Overload setting (Imax): 1.1…13A (V2ZPS) / 5.1…30A (V2ZPS-E/F) / alarm trip in 7 seconds
  • Control mode: Pressure switches or 4-20mA pressure sensor
  • Control input voltage: 24Vdc (pressure switches, low level float switch and external ON/OFF control)
  • 4-20mA sensor supply voltage: 24Vdc
  • Sensor range: 10 Bar
  • Sensor failure detection: Open circuit and short circuit
  • Low pressure setting: 0.1…9.8 Bar
  • High pressure setting: 0.3…10 Bar
  • Minimum distance between PHi and PLo: 0.2 Bar
  • Terminal blocks wiring size: 10mm² (power supply) 4mm² (control)
  • Protections: Overload, phase failure and pump overheating (Klixon contacts)
  • Alarm contact: 5A 250Vac
  • Alarm contact activation: Overload, phase failure, sensor failure, power supply failure, air error and pressure error.
  • Recording information (PUMPCHECK): Module identification number, counters resets, pump operation hours, pumps starts, pumps alarms and last alarm tripping current.
  • Size/Weight/IP/Temperature: 300 (h) x 220 (w) x 120 (d) mm / 3550g / IP65 / -10º…+55º C
  • Cable gland configuration: 1xM25 (main supply) / 2xM20 (motors) / 6xM16 (controls)